Taking a Look at Waiakea Water

The water bottle industry today is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. To be successful in the industry, companies have to set themselves apart from the competition. This can be difficult to do considering the fact they they are all selling the same thing- water. There is not much that one can do to make their water more appealing than their competitions water. With this in mind, why are there so many options and successful companies on the market?

Well, some companies such as Waiakea Water have figured out ways to set themselves apart from their competition. To start off, Waiakea is a very clean company. They are an all around company and have many great things to offer. It all starts with founder and CEO, Ryan Emmons. Ryan wanted his company to be very ethical and provide quality products. He observed that most of the water bottle companies available did not meet the expectations he was looking for. In that, he created Waiakea Water and decided that it would be the worlds friendliest water bottle company.

To start, their water itself is like no other. While most companies alter their water in order to add minerals and enhance taste, Waiakea Water does not. Their water is taken directly from a stream after passing though thousands of feet of volcanic rock. In result, the water is already enriched and has a pH perfect for human consumption. Also, the water is surprisingly tasty. Their water isn’t the only thing that is amazingly economical.

Their water bottles are interesting as well. To start off, the bottles are made entirely from recycled plastic. In making this bottle the company does not have to endure any harmful processes that are required to make plastics. All that they have to do it melt and reshape post recycled plastic that is already available. Their bottles also degrade much faster than traditional bottles. In fact, they degrade 97 times faster. Rather than the traditional thousands of years that it takes, Waiakea bottles take only a mere fifteen. This company is drawing consumers to their products with ease.