Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Mall Keeps Getting Bigger

Recently, Roberto Santiago began expanding his mall so there would be more options for people who were coming there. He wanted the mall to be the most convenient and enjoyable experience for everyone who was in Manaira. Whether his customers just wanted to come to the mall to visit a specific store or they were looking for an all-around best shopping experience, Roberto Santiago was prepared to give them what they were hoping for. He wanted to give everyone the help they could use while they were shopping or while they were enjoying different types of entertainment. For Roberto Santiago, this meant he would need to try and help other people with the issues they were facing and with the way the mall was working for their benefit. It was part of how he could do different things and part of what made him the best owner of the mall.


Even though there were some issues with the mall and with shopping, Roberto Santiago was able to land exclusive contracts with different designers. These could be carried out for years to come and it was part of what allowed him to be the best he could be. It was also a way for Roberto Santiago to make sure he was helping people through different events. Roberto Santiago knew what he needed to do and he consistently gave people what they were looking for while they were visiting the mall and trying to do different things.


Another thing Roberto Santiago had always been looking forward to was the ability to make the right moves in the business he was running. He had always wanted to give the community something that they could be proud of and something they knew they could enjoy. Manaira Mall was just that. People who came to the mall could enjoy shopping, dining or entertainment. When the mall first started, it created a lot of jobs. Many people in the Manaira area are still employees of the mall and it is one of the top employers in the region for people who are local.


As the mall continues to grow, Roberto Santiago is doing things that will help keep it relevant. There are some malls around the country and the world that are suffering as a result of the recession and various issues. The Manaira Mall is not suffering and Roberto Santiago has actually created a plan that will protect it if there are issues with people who are coming to the mall or people who are working at the mall. Roberto Santiago is now working on the exclusive hotel that will be attached to the mall to make visiting more convenient for everyone who comes to see it.