Robert Thikoll Encourages Alignment to Teamwork

Ingersoll Rand is a thirteen billion dollar worldwide business that improves the quality of life through the creation of sustainable, comfortable, and productive environments. Ingersoll Rand includes brands such as Ingersoll Rand, Trane, Club Car, and Thermo King that work hand in hand to advance the comfort and quality of air in buildings and homes. The family of brands also enhances the transportation and protection of perishables and food, while also increasing the industrial efficiency and productivity.

In October 2014, Robert Thikoll entered Ingersoll Rand as the VP of Operational Excellence. As the VP of Operational Excellence, Robert Thikoll was responsible for developing and growing the company’s dedication towards operational success through the application of lean transformation. Robert and his team provide hands-on involvement as well as thought leadership and influence in the implementation of lean initiatives. Robert has excellent relationships with the management of driving margin expansion and growth.

Robert Thikoll has vast experience. He worked with Aisin Takaoka Company for eight years. He later worked with Danaher for fifteen years before moving to Ingersoll Rand. At Danaher, he was the VP for global operations. He graduated from Arizona State University with a minor in Asian studies and dual undergraduate degrees in Japanese and Political Science.

Robert works best in the morning, so he offers thought leadership and attends big meetings in the morning. He contends that team alignment helps him create strategic visions. He is excited about the exponential expansion of technology.

Robert says that electric linear actuators are advancing in electronically-guided systems. The linear actuators eliminate hydraulic lines. The actuators also perform manual tasks thus improve safety.

Thikoll currently is the VP of Beckman Coulter under global operations. Beckman Coulter is a medical-diagnostic-equipment manufacturer affiliated to Danaher Corporation. He has a wife and children. Robert Thikoll lives in Davidson, North Carolina.