Meet Dick DeVos; an Excellent Businessman and a Philanthropic Leader

For a longtime, I have seen developments in the education sector worldwide. Many key leaders and individuals have been on the front line to ensure that the education sector is reformed to enable students to meet their goals. Dick DeVos is one of the key players who have given much to the society to make it a better place for all. He is married to Betsy DeVos and together they have been actively advocating for education choice while sponsoring many students in their academic careers.



I know for one to reach a level to help others, one must have achieved a lot. Dick has achieved a lot in life and I think that is why he has been that active in the community. Dick graduated from Northwood University and he is a helicopter as well as a jet aircraft pilot. He started his career at Amway where he served in a variety of executive positions including the presidency. Dick’s capacity and potential were evident at the company. Under his leadership, Amway tripled its international sales and they opened new markets. Later He became the CEO and president of Orlando Magic after his family acquired the team. Currently, he is the president of Windquest Group.



Dick DeVos is a great philanthropic leader. He has started many community initiatives that target life improvement of less fortunate individuals. To assist underprivileged children in Michigan, Dick started Education Freedom Fund. This program offers scholarships to less fortunate children and it has offered more than 4000 scholarships. With the passion of flying jets and helicopters, Dick got an idea from his wife that he should do something about it. He founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy to offer educational programs in the aviation field.



Together with his wife, they formed Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. This organization donates funds to support religious, artistic, educational, free-market economic, community as well as civic organizations. This foundation has been instrumental and the DeVos have been in the front line to make sure that its funds are spent well. The foundation has supported Kids Hope USA, West Michigan Academy, Potters House, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, the Education Freedom Fund, Children First America and many others.



Dick and his wife have also been supporting the art industry. Through their foundation, they have supported a competition in Grand Rapids; ArtPrize. They also support the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management by committing $22.5 million. On top of that Dick DeVos has donated much to Action Institute, The Hudson Institute as well as the Heritage Foundation. His desire to help is unmatched and his philanthropic works are benefiting many individuals.


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