Louis Chenevert – The Optimal Leader

Chenevert has a well-built body stature with a height of six feet and five inches that gives an apt reflection of his significant accomplishments. He has worked for 14 years at General Motors as the General Manager of St. Therese Production. Louis has also held a position of chairman and chief executive officer of United Technology Corporation. Louis Chenevert‘s is a French Canadian born, and he attained his production management bachelor degree from the famous Universite de Montréal and École’s des Hautes etudes commercials.

For more than a decade Louis worked at General Motors and later he joined Pratt and Whitney Business unit. It is one of the groups of United Technologies Corporation. He worked at the Pratt & Whitney branch in Canada for six years and elected as the president of the whole division in 1999. For seven years, Louis was the president, and later he was elected the chief executive officer and president of the corporation (UTC). Under the artistry and leadership of Louis, the company has made great strides in business and held impressive achievements.

As the leader, he has conglomerated a worth close to one hundred billion dollars within a single year. It is through his first years as the president of the corporation where he oversaw a successful acquisition of Goodrich after a whole year of negations; he got the deal at 18.4 billion dollars.
The growth of Chenevert and united technologies corporation (UTC) entails investing in advanced technology and also its human resources. Louis has used his considerable experience and knowledge to create vast improvements making the company better and stronger.

According to Louis investing in right people and right technology moves a business to great heights of success and growth. The corporation has a powerful tool of funding and nurturing its people through various programs like the employee’s scholar program. The program covers education for its employees on respective fields, and more than 40,000 employees across the globe have benefited. In addition to acquiring Goodrich, thanks to Chenevert United Technologies Corporation (UTC) has become the leading supplier of the F-35 engine to the United States.

Although he resigned from UTC in 2014, Chenevert is still very active. He sits as a member of Business Roundtable as an executive committee where he is the chair of Tax and Fiscals policies committees. He is also the member of executive officers of US-India forum and acts as a board of Directors for the Cargill, chairman of Montreal Internationals Advisories board.

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