Kim Dao Shares her Morning Routine

In this video, Kim Dao highlights her morning routine from the time she wakes up until she heads out the door to start her day.Learn more :


Upon waking up, Kim Dao immediately checks her social media accounts, including Youtube and Instagram to reply to her fans. She encourages viewers to connect with her on her social media accounts.


She then hops out of bed and “makes” her bed by simply spreading the comforter over the bed. She then heads to the bathroom to brush her hair and wash her face with one of her favorite cleansers.


For breakfast, Kim Dao enjoys a cup of sweet coffee and eats a bowl of cornflakes with yogurt. Although she admits that this combination does not seem appetizing, she encourages her viewers to give it a try.


After breakfast, she starts her skin care routine which includes several products. These include, but are not limited to, a toner, a Vitamin C serum and a moisturizer. She then proceeds to do her makeup.


Kim Dao’s makeup routine is fairly simple and results in a natural look. She starts with a primer and then applies her foundation. She uses other products such as a natural powder, brown liquid eyeliner, mascara, blush and a lip tint.Learn more :¬†


Kim Dao also follows a simple hair routine. She usually just brushes it and puts it in an up do.Learn more :


Once these tasks are complete, she puts on her clothing for the day, packs her bag and heads out the door to start her day.



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