Joel Friant and The Amazing Benefits of the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant, also known as the “Thai Guy” has a real passion for Habanero peppers. He first fell in love with the Habanero pepper when a high school friend introduced him to one. Ever since then he has created the Habanero Shaker so that everyone can enjoy the great taste and health benefits of this unique hot pepper.

Before becoming successful in the restaurant business and selling his product, the Habanero Shaker, Friant was in the real estate business and remodeled homes. He then became successful in the house flipping and buying, selling, and rehab business of homes but his real passion was still with his hot peppers. He also enjoys helping others and set out to find out why some people found success while others did not. He took a course on how to sell his product as well as others on eBay and on Amazon. He also published his concepts on success and gave many online seminars.

A typical day for Friant involves tackling the most important things first and then moving on to the lesser important things. He always enjoys a bike ride, and that is when he gets a lot of his productive ideas. He always jots his ideas down on paper to help them to materialize.

The worst job Friant ever had was scraping gum off of the sidewalk, but he learned that action is the key and that success is in the mind. If he could change anything, it would be to learn that sooner. Friant has learned to learn from others and to learn from these doing what they love to do.

One thing Friant learned was to not associate with the wrong people, and that reward takes risk. The best $100 he spent was at a church offering, and he utilizes the Outlook calendar and Skype. He also uses Facebook for marketing as well.

The Habanero pepper has some amazing benefits. It not only brings heat and flavor to any dish but it also causes the brain to create endorphins that are a natural painkiller. Endorphins also make a person feel good.

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