Invest in wealth with The Oxford Club

Imagine that you had the ability to network with and benefit from a group of the world’s top investors and entrepreneurs. With access to their knowledge base and time-tested investment strategies, a world of wealth and prestige could well be within your grasp. This is the Oxford Club; a network of individuals from 131 countries whose mission is to create long-lasting wealth, regardless of market conditions.

The right opportunities

The Club was originally founded as the Passport Club in 1989 but assumed its current name two years later. The goal of the founding members was to create a private club of like-minded investors eager to find and share unique investment opportunities with one another. By avoiding mainstream media and focusing instead on research and personal connections, members would be able to take early action on investment opportunities that arise.

Membership has its benefits

The Club has three levels of membership (Premier, Director’s Circle, and Chairman’s Circle) with an increasing number of benefits per level. Members have access to one or more of the Club’s paid publications: the Oxford Communiqué, the Oxford Income Letter, and Oxford Resource Explorer. These provide advice and strategies for different tradable assets such as stocks, bonds, and even cryptocurrencies. Members also gain access to Investment U, the Club’s education arm. But the unique benefit gained is the ability to network with fellow members during club outings.

With markets around the world constantly changing, having 24/7 access both to the Club’s current recommendations and to highly-rated financial advisors is a boon to those who want to build wealth through strategic action. If you want to enjoy a rich life with wealth that goes beyond money, membership in the Oxford Club would benefit you.

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