How Whitney Wolfe Became a Dating App Pro

Whitney Wolfe is the inspiring entrepreneur that young female business majors cannot get enough of. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, and she has spent a large amount of her time building dating apps and giving people a new way to look at concept of dating online. She is a woman that believes in being an advocate for women when it comes to social media. She wanted to create the type of dating space where women will be the ones that were talking first, and she has done so in a very great way with her Bumble app.

Many people may say that this a new age platform that is going to really encouraging equality. She believes that men have always been the dominant ones with the dating after because most of them have been created by men. She wanted to be the first to make an attempt at creating a feminist dating app where the woman were in control. It would be much easier to socialize this way.

Women like the apps because it takes a lot of the pressure off of them when it comes to starting up a conversation for the first time. Whitney Wolfe knows that this was an innovative way two create an app that was different from anything else that was currently on the market. This would be the type of app that would put Whitney Wolfe on top.

Whitney Wolfe knew that her role at Bumble would be an important one because it would bring more women into the fold. She was able to hire her staff of women and get more details on what other women wanted. This has really served Whitney Wolfe well so far because she is making herself invaluable part of the technology and dating app industry.

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  1. It might seem like an idea that is really not part of the expected niche marketing but to meet the verious needs of people need different thoughts. Potentially if you write for college students you definitely will learn a thing or two from the work that you should have done better. Also because the need and focus is so unique it has offered Wolfe so much to gain by being part of the success of many people directly.

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