End Citizens United Provides Modern Electorate Systems for Americans

For over six years, End Citizens United has been working to establish finance reforms in the political landscape of America. Since 2015, the organization has been committed to seizing more control on the electoral system. Since the organization was established, there has been progressive growth of big money groups. These groups have adverse effects on the political scene. Faced with the need to transform this landscape, End Citizens United has taken to the stage to develop strategies that are geared towards developing fair elections for Americans. End Citizens United is a call for political change. The organization is active in amending the constitution.




Although End Citizens United is hyped on transforming the political landscape, there are a few challenges that the organization has been facing. These challenges include establishing a huge platform of loyal followers. That is why the End Citizens United took to the stage with the aim of establishing its name in America. In the past, Donald Trump raised questions concerning the issue of giving money to politicians. He quoted that as a big donor, it was distasteful to offer political support to individuals who were not interested in supporting finance reforms. To address the issue, End Citizens United was established.




Faced with the need to raise money for the elections, End Citizens United raised approximately more than $ 4 million in three months within 2017. The political group is committed to raising approximately $ 35 million in 2018. This is during the congress elections that will see most finance reforms candidates into parliament. The amount that is set to be raised is huge considering the amount that the political action committee raised in the 2016 general elections. That was the first general election End Citizens United engaged in since its establishment.


Muller’s Opinion


According to the present as well as the executive director of the group Muller Tiffany, End Citizens United has seen over 100, 000 individuals registering for membership. This is a good number considering the fact that every individual will contribute to the great cause of the group. In this year, it is projected that more than 40,000 individuals will contribute towards the group. The end result is a consolidated reformer consisting of supporting electorate systems. The group announced that it is committed to selecting the perfect finance reformer who will instill discipline in elections.




End Citizens United was formed with the aim of bringing a new dawn to Americans. The donors are allowed to donate up to $ 5,000. Although there is a limit to this amount, the political action committee has received massive contribution from generous donors. The contributions have a positive impact on campaigns. End Citizens United continues to strive to develop systems that can provide perfect elections in the state. The aim of this group is providing trusted channels of elections.