Daniel Mark Harrison Setting the Trend When It Comes to Investment and Innovation

If you are an aspiring business executive or entrepreneur and you are looking up for somebody to role model you in the business world, look no further, Mark Harrison is the guy. Mark Harrison is a man who wears many shades; he is an entrepreneur, an author, a businessman and recently a crusader of the cryptocurrency.

Currently Daniel is the CEO and proprietor of Daniel Mark Harrison & Company, a company he founded in 2015. The Mark Harrison & Company was founded to cater for the needs of the highly net worth foreign investors. In addition to this, this company is also involved in property development, management and other specialized management funds. Up to date this company has operations in Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

When it comes to innovation, Mr. Daniel Mark Harrison is leading the pack at the front. Through Monkey Capital a financial-tech venture Harrison founded in 2016, the entrepreneur is seeking to merge two markets; the financial market and the cryptocurrency market. Harrison’s strategy is with the ICO option. By purchasing one ICO an investor is looking up to 40% on their returns.

Mr. Harrison is a celebrated author, who has published a number of books and online publication. His books such as the Millennial Reincarnations and publications are majorly financial in nature and are aimed to help investors understand the market and make informed decisions on their investments. Currently Daniel is one the staunch believers of cryptocurrency adding that this option is much safer compared to the paper money.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a famed financial and media expert of our time. This man was brought up in Hong Kong and has not only grown as a role model but also a force to reckon with when it comes to the financial market. Mark Harrison studied Theology in Oxford University between 1998-1999. He went to advance his education at BI Norwegian Business School when he undertook a master’s in Business administration between 2005-2006 and later a Business Journalism master’s degree in 2007 at New York University.