Living with Osteoarthritis

Many patients who live with osteoarthritis tend to experience significant changes to their lifestyles as a result of the condition. Here are some of the aspects that people living with osteoarthritis need to know:


How to take care of their body well with workouts and diet

  • Occupational changes
  • Medical care
  • Support for people living with osteoarthritis


Work out


Patients suffering from osteoarthritis are urged to keep physically active (ReleaseFact). Frequent workouts play a vital role in improving the strength of the muscles that support the bones and as it maintains a regular weight. Too much weight might lead to worsening of the symptoms due to the excessive load that the bones are supposed to carry. Therefore, all overweight patients must strive to cut off the fats and work towards weight loss goals.



Taking a healthy meal is vital for every individual and particularly for those patients with a health condition like osteoarthritis. Note that diet is a critical factor for the patients who will benefit from cutting the excessive weight.


Individuals suffering from osteoarthritis might realize that their symptoms interfere with their capability to perform their daily tasks. However, the patients can use some small alterations in techniques or devices to increase the easiness to complete the tasks even with osteoarthritis condition. An occupational therapist can recommend best alternative approaches to go about daily activities.


Medical care

Based on the seriousness of osteoarthritis, patients might have regular or as required medical attention to regulating their pain linked to the condition. As a patient, you need to be clear about how you take your medication so that you can be adherent to the management plan.


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