Israel’s Asset, Daniel Taub.

Daniel Taub, international lawyer and writer is one of Israel’s great assets as the state becomes a more prevalent presence within the international community.


Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Mr. Taub was educated at University College, Oxford, University College, London and Harvard University. With his thorough education, and an extraordinary knowledge of international law, Mr. Taub moved to Israel, serving as a combat medic in the IDF and as a reserve officer in the law division. He practiced law briefly, joining the Israeli Foreign Ministry.


Inspired by the Madrid Peace Conference and hopeful for peace, Daniel Taub years spent in the Foreign ministry involved in peace negotiations within the Middle East. Mr. Taub’s extensive law knowledge and negotiation skills served him and the Israeli Foreign Ministry well through the Israel-Palestine peace talks, the culture of peace and the Israel-Syria peace negotiations, after which in 2011, he become the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom.


As the Israeli Ambassador, he helped establish new and friendlier trade agreements between the UK and Israel, doubling trade between the two countries and solidifying continual opportunities for both countries and increasing technological opportunities for Israel.


After leaving the Israeli Foreign Service, Daniel Taub joined the Yad Hanadiv, a foundation developed by the Rothschilds for the advancement of the Israeli state. Working as the Director of Strategy and planning, Mr Taub also devotes his time to writing. Addressing topics such as Israel and Middle East relations and international law, he uses charm and intelligence to bring awareness to Israel. His writing has also challenged Hasidic sect stereotypes with HeCatzer, an Israeli series, which he created and is still the primary script writer, and he has, with his book Parasha Diplomatit, melded the weekly Torah readings to current events, keeping his Orthodox Jewish faith in the forefront of his work. Learn more:


Daniel Taub, along with his wife, six children and one grandchild, currently reside in Jerusalem,

where Mr Taub keeps himself busy with his role at Yad Hanadiv and the continuing growth of the Israeli state and still finds time to write and lecture about international law, negotiations and challenging stereotypes and with his continued energy, hopes to be an asset for Israel for many years to come.