Academy of Art University Fashion Show

A fashion show was held on September 9, 2017. This wasn’t an average fashion show. It was one run by students at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. This particular fashion show was held at Skylight Clarkson Square, where these gifted graduated were able to showcase all their hard work from everything they have studied at the university. It seems that their hard work and all their study and practice had paid off quite well for these graduate students.

Established in 1929, Academy of Art University has catered to all kinds of art students from just about every field of art ranging from traditional art practices to television broadcasting, to fashion design. This university draws students from all over the country, as well as from countries all over the world. Here they study in both the classroom and in online courses. All of these courses are taught by professions who work in the fields which they teach. The students at this university don’t just study their chosen craft, they also are able to develop a professional quality portfolio of their best work.


These fashion students, upon graduation, put everything they have worked toward into a fashion show. Hailing from different parts of the country as well as from countries like China, these graduate students know how to shine as they put their own deigns on display. Their designs certainly impressed the members of the audience at the fashion show. Even some high ranking audience members such as Ms. J Alexander of America’s Next Top Model fame, and the Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA, Sara Kozlowski, were quite impressed with the work of these graduate students.


Some of the students whose designs were on display in this show include, Hailun Zhou from Qing Dao, China, Eden Slezin from the Bay Area, Dina Marie Lam from Los Angeles, California, and Carlos Rodriguez from Clarksburg, California, among many others. These students have earned MFA’s and BFA’s in Fashion Design. While their designs seem out there and futuristic, they clearly show what the fashion program at this university is all about. Congratulations to all of the graduate students who participated, for putting on a great fashion show and for displaying their best work and unique designs.


Fabletics is Fabulously Personable

When Fabletics launched, it had some speed bumps to overcome. Lots of businesses have hiccups when they first start out but Fabletics has soared above theirs with tremendous style. They have made customer satisfaction their main concern and by doing so, have become remarkably successful. In this modern day and age of readily available technology and information, it’s easy for consumers to access information on how businesses really act. Customer reviews have become the main way that people tell if a company has a quality product and good customer rapport. If a company has good reviews then they are seen to be more trustworthy than if they were to have lower review ratings. People trust other people’s opinions on a company’s strengths and weaknesses over advertising slogans and marketing ads.


Fabletics has made it clear that what their customers think of them is important; as is evident by their high ranking reviews. Caring about their customers isn’t something that they just say they do. When they first launched their business they didn’t have the best reviews due to popular products going out of stock quickly. It didn’t take long for them to fix the problem. A big part of the way they run their business is through analyzing the data. By looking at what people are buying, talking about, and asking for, they were able to become better. They gained success by focusing on their weaknesses and eliminating them. They had some nay say-ers but through quality customer service backed by customer reviews, they have showed the nay say-ers that they are a truly trustworthy company that has a quality product.


One of Fabletics continued strengths lies in how down to Earth Kate Hudson, the face of Fabletics, is. She is relate-able and trustworthy. She doesn’t endorse things that she doesn’t actually use or believe in. Kate isn’t just the face of the company for looks, she is also the brains behind many of the the business choices. She might be an actress at heart but she has shown that she can wear the business hat well and with style. The fashion, the quality, the customer service, it is all very important to her to be involved in. She saw how normal athletic wear wasn’t fashionable, affordable, or inclusive to all body types. Fabletics wants to empower woman and give them a quality product that they will love. Fabletics offers a Lifestyle Quiz that takes just seconds to complete and helps give a better idea to the type of active wear that is best for each customer. Certain athletic wear is better for certain workouts than others. By taking the free and fast quiz, you can find out what Fabletics gear is best for your body type and your workout lifestyle. Fabletics is making it easy for customers to feel good and look good while exercising and being healthy.