Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe Introduces The Hive

Bumble, the popular female dating app created by Whitney Wolfe, is opening a physical location in Soho called the Hive for dates to meet up. The Hive is intended to be a place for Bumble dates and fans to meet up and get to know each other in a Bumble-centric location.

This new physical location is revolutionary for the dating app world. That said, Bumble is not only restricted to dating— it boasts a friendly community that is proud to be associated with the Bumble brand name. Many of these people are interested in friendships, business relationships, and support the Bumble ideology.

This community centric brand has plans to expand on BumbleBIZZ, a section of the company devoted to helping users with professional and social networking. The Hive will be hosting a variety of events revolving around female entrepreneurship and relationships—not just dating. Whitney Wolfe will be hosting a talk with theSkimm founders, and there will also be style and Mentor & Mingle sessions hosted by Drybar and Forbes respectively.

The Hive will have coffee, drinks, and Bumble merchandise for sale. All proceeds will be donated to charity. Right now they plan to keep the Hive open for a month, but there might be opportunities for an extension and expansions in the future.

Whitney Wolfe, CEO and founder of Bumble, is using the app to promote positivity and empower women. Before coming up with the idea for Bumble, Wolfe was ousted from Tinder and ended up suing them for sexual harassment. This led her to create her own alternative dating app.

Whitney Wolfe has worked tirelessly to make her brand accessible and expand its purpose far beyond that of a typical dating app. It is thanks to her Bumble is regarded at the feminist dating app—Bumble is the first dating app of its kind that allows women to make the first move. Since women are the first to initiate contact, this revolutionary idea reduces the discomfort many women feel when using a typical dating app and instead promotes confidence and positivity.