Gregory Aziz: Transforming the World on a Fast Lane

Greg James Aziz is a well-known entrepreneur. He is one of the core pillars in the field of railroad freight car engineering. Mr. James Aziz is the current CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car, a world-class engineering, and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Mr. James Aziz was born in London Ontario on April 30, 1949. Since a tender age, Mr. Greg Aziz has always been fascinated with entrepreneurship. This is so much so that he attended the University of Western Ontario to pursue Economics. He later joined their family business where he solely ensured that the company grew to become a global distributor of fresh food.


Mr. James Aziz later worked in the banking sector in New York. This made him a top-notch elite entrepreneur by all means. After spotting a business gap on the National Steel Company, he decided to pursue his dream. He promptly gathered the substantive amount of capital that enabled him to acquire the company. His major intention was to transform the company to a business enigma that he knew it could be at some point. After acquiring the company, the change was drastic. He strategically shifted the focus of the business to a more human investment opportunity. This saw a whopping increase in the sales of the company from a previous manufacturing of 3,500 cars per year to 12,000 cars annually. This was also accompanied by the increase in the human force from 600 employees to nearly 3,000 employees.

National Steel Company being an elite in the engineering and manufacturing company has come with good tidings to the people of North America. The company has achieved several acknowledgments. It was the only company in North America to be honored with the annual TTX SECO for about ten years. Mr. J. Aziz attributes all this success to the people in the company. They always challenge their capabilities to reach greater heights each day so that the company can attain its full potential.

Mr. Greg Aziz has also sacrificed his time and money to assist various humanitarian organizations. He has offered charities to organizations such as United Way, Salvation Army, and Theater Aquarius. This has changed the lives of thousands of people positively. Mr. Aziz is also aware of the plight of his employees and their children in the quest for a better life. He, therefore, has various scholarships to cater for such needs. Read This Page for additional information

Doe Deere: The Controversial Entrepreneur’s Prime Success

Entrepreneurs are risk takers ( They are heroes who are necessary for the country to promote stability. Even if these entrepreneurs experience a flak of criticism and controversy, they are still the fuel to how people improve their quality of life. One of these controversial entrepreneurs is Doe Deere ( She’s so successful right now that she got featured by French Tribune for her success.


The French Tribune Report

The report from French Tribune indicated that Doe Deere’s success is not without the accompanying controversy that usually follows success. The report also showed how much people who want to go business rely on others for expertise and experience.


The article also mentioned how entrepreneurs always need to take risks to make sure that they get the fresh ideas from the market that benefit the growth of the company. Doe Deer suggests that without risk, there’s no point in growth and no sense of doing business either. However, it is important to measure risk first before entering into business to control the risks that the company will face.


Doe Deere also emphasized in the report the importance of tackling problems in advance. Thinking ahead will play a crucial role in the company’s success. Without planning for the future, you might experience the drawbacks of decisions that may not come easy, and that may otherwise come manageable with the right risk-taking attitudes.


No matter the career, Doe Deer suggests that one should always be ready for the problems arising from the decisions made in business.


Expanding Skillset

The article also showed how much Doe Deere ensured that her skills are always ready for the market, equipped with all the tools that warrant the needed sustainability of a company. According to Deere, it is not important what you choose as your fuel for the business you want. As long as you have the right attitude that allows you to make excellent choices and mindset needed for learning a new skill, you won’t have a problem with doing the right business strategies for growth.


About Doe Deere

Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere is one of the many experts today who have a lot to say on how to run a successful business. She has the expertise that people need from learning how to grow a start-up, as well as building a business that one is passionate about and that one has so much great dedication for in the right market. It is also Doe Deere’s passion to offer the business world the best retail practices that make one’s company grow to what they should be.


A rebel in her heart, Doe Deere finds meaning in making sure that the vision of hers gets translated to reality. This idea of hers always permeates in all aspects of her business and also makes the company she runs the best that it is today. The cosmetics she offers to her loyal abiding fans always make the meaning of her business always fulfilling and valuable to all types o f people



End Citizens United Provides Modern Electorate Systems for Americans

For over six years, End Citizens United has been working to establish finance reforms in the political landscape of America. Since 2015, the organization has been committed to seizing more control on the electoral system. Since the organization was established, there has been progressive growth of big money groups. These groups have adverse effects on the political scene. Faced with the need to transform this landscape, End Citizens United has taken to the stage to develop strategies that are geared towards developing fair elections for Americans. End Citizens United is a call for political change. The organization is active in amending the constitution.




Although End Citizens United is hyped on transforming the political landscape, there are a few challenges that the organization has been facing. These challenges include establishing a huge platform of loyal followers. That is why the End Citizens United took to the stage with the aim of establishing its name in America. In the past, Donald Trump raised questions concerning the issue of giving money to politicians. He quoted that as a big donor, it was distasteful to offer political support to individuals who were not interested in supporting finance reforms. To address the issue, End Citizens United was established.




Faced with the need to raise money for the elections, End Citizens United raised approximately more than $ 4 million in three months within 2017. The political group is committed to raising approximately $ 35 million in 2018. This is during the congress elections that will see most finance reforms candidates into parliament. The amount that is set to be raised is huge considering the amount that the political action committee raised in the 2016 general elections. That was the first general election End Citizens United engaged in since its establishment.


Muller’s Opinion


According to the present as well as the executive director of the group Muller Tiffany, End Citizens United has seen over 100, 000 individuals registering for membership. This is a good number considering the fact that every individual will contribute to the great cause of the group. In this year, it is projected that more than 40,000 individuals will contribute towards the group. The end result is a consolidated reformer consisting of supporting electorate systems. The group announced that it is committed to selecting the perfect finance reformer who will instill discipline in elections.




End Citizens United was formed with the aim of bringing a new dawn to Americans. The donors are allowed to donate up to $ 5,000. Although there is a limit to this amount, the political action committee has received massive contribution from generous donors. The contributions have a positive impact on campaigns. End Citizens United continues to strive to develop systems that can provide perfect elections in the state. The aim of this group is providing trusted channels of elections.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Brought Legal Experience to Grupo Televisa

Media companies that are located in Mexico often have a lot of corruption that make up their company. This is a huge problem in the media and it has made things harder for honest companies to be able to get the experiences that they need. It has also made things harder for people who want to get the best experience possible and who want to be able to show others what they are getting out of the situations that they are in. For these companies, it is important that they have a strong team that can make changes to their policies so that they can try new things.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is responsible for the majority of the policies that Grupo Televisa has. As a popular company, they want to make sure that they are doing things right and that they are doing things without the corruption that seems to be so common in the media. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has a lot of experience and knows that things are going to get better for people who are in different situations. He tries to do different things and has always been a popular option for different people.

While Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has done this, it is not the only job that he knows what he is doing with. He has tried his best to make sure that he is an attorney and because he knows what he is doing. When he worked in media law in the past, he learned a lot about what he could do and how he could make things better for the companies that he worked with. All of this led up to the point where he was doing what he could to show Grupo Televisa what he was an expert in while he was working with them.

The Ultimate Philadelphian Lawyer, Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is widely known by many for his role as a contract attorney. He has appeared in the listing of the Hire Counsel since the month of April of the year 2015. Before this, he attained his stripes via more than a decade practicing within and around the entire area of Philadelphia.

His practice was alongside a project attorney as a representative of Pepper Hamilton LLP. Additionally, he served at Conrad O’Brien at an associate position. It is in the course of this period that he acquired a lot of experience alongside filing as well as giving the responses to complaints. At the same time, he undertook the field of general law in different categories including pretrial, the post-trial as well as the individual jurisdiction venues.

It was in the year 2003 that Mr. Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College with a Bachelor of Arts (English Language and Literature/ Letters) degree. This happened before his move to study further. Later on, he graduated from the School of Law at Temple University’s James E. Beasley. He emerged from this with a Juris Doctor. It happened in the year 2009 before getting to the professional field for practice.

At the moment, Mr. Karl Heideck provides a range of services that vary from consultation related to compliance as well as the advertisement of risk management all the way to serving as a consistent representative alongside product liability, employment proceedings, commercial litigation and the corporate law. This is in addition to being a prolific writer with the objective of elucidating the present developments as well as the news from his blog to get even for he works for Pennsylvanians and the corporate entities from Jenkintown, PA.

He is outstanding in line with his law career as no records are linking him to any behavior that is unethical. This is what offers him preference from the clients. This is because it helps establish a lot of confidence in any clienteles that hires him. Customers of Heideck never regret engaging him. In the view of his contributions towards law, he outlines that litigation sponsoring is an approach utilized by the firms to finance the proceedings that are already opened.

Sweetgreen’s Nathaniel Ru: Article Recap

Back in 2007, Nathaniel Ru and two of his best friends were seniors at Georgetown University looking for healthy places to eat. When this search turned up nothing, the three friends decided to create their own restaurant. With the help of Ru’s degree in finance, the restaurant eventually grew into the popular chain sweetgreen. Now at only 32 years old, he and his friends manage this trendy chain in as positive a way they can, considering the impacts they are making on the world around them before making any business moves.


Ru’s goal for the restaurant revolves around sustainability. He has stated that “everything you do should last longer than you.” He and his friends try to find ways to reduce food waste within their restaurant chain, making an effort to contact the farmers they will be working with in order to do so. They use foods that have been grown locally and sustainably to achieve these goals.


The trio started their restaurant with a few founding principles that, although a few have been added over the years, they still use when running their restaurants. All five of these core values revolve around serving the company, customers, and the communities in which their stores are located. Ru and his colleagues believe that any decision they make should have a positive impact on all three of these groups.


This decision has led to several community-based efforts. Sweetgreen has held a music and food festival for the past several years, called sweetlife, which helps to promote a healthy lifestyle as opposed to just their food. The company has also taken part in cross-promotions with fitness clubs and yoga studios in another effort to promote this lifestyle.


Ru and his friends encourage employees to be as friendly as they can, and to go out of their way to help customers. Along with simply being a generous thing to do, this has become a beneficial marketing technique – any customer impressed by the positiveness they experienced in sweetgreen is more likely to recommend the restaurant to a friend. Of course, the employees are not forgotten by the founders, and they have opportunities to gain support and build friendships while working for sweetgreen.


These young entrepreneurs have been very successful, thanks to the ways that they view their business decisions, as well as the impacts they are making on the communities of others.


Check out Nathaniel Ru on LinkedIn.

Preventing Crimes Using the Securus Technologies Call System

I am part of a fugitive task force who was assigned to a case where a local suspect was breaking into homes, holding the families hostage, taking all these valuables, beating them and severely injuring them, and repeating the robberies week to week. The suspect would not only make it obvious it was him, he would often leave calling-cards taunting the authorities to try and catch him. Knowing he could strike any home in our community, my superiors told us to put this case to bed yesterday.


With a recent home invasion committed a day ago, we knew we had less than a week before he would strike again. Our leads had dried up, no family, no friends, no acquaintances were willing to offer up any information on our suspect. I decided I was going to take a trip to the local jail to see if any inmates were willing to cut a deal to help us locate this fugitive. Knowing how inmates hate the police and they hat rats even more, I knew this was going to be a real challenge.


At the prison I discovered that Securus Technologies just installed a new inmate phone-call monitoring system. While the corrections officers had a need for the system to control contraband in the jail, I thought it might be helpful gathering information on my case. The system can do the work of several officers, so we added my suspect to the LBS software and waited for an alert.


Hours later we discovered a link between our suspect and a recent inmate who was buying the stolen goods at a fraction of their value and selling elsewhere. When we decided to trace that suspect, within days the two of them met up for an exchange, and we were able to bring both into custody for new criminal charges.


Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe Introduces The Hive

Bumble, the popular female dating app created by Whitney Wolfe, is opening a physical location in Soho called the Hive for dates to meet up. The Hive is intended to be a place for Bumble dates and fans to meet up and get to know each other in a Bumble-centric location.

This new physical location is revolutionary for the dating app world. That said, Bumble is not only restricted to dating— it boasts a friendly community that is proud to be associated with the Bumble brand name. Many of these people are interested in friendships, business relationships, and support the Bumble ideology.

This community centric brand has plans to expand on BumbleBIZZ, a section of the company devoted to helping users with professional and social networking. The Hive will be hosting a variety of events revolving around female entrepreneurship and relationships—not just dating. Whitney Wolfe will be hosting a talk with theSkimm founders, and there will also be style and Mentor & Mingle sessions hosted by Drybar and Forbes respectively.

The Hive will have coffee, drinks, and Bumble merchandise for sale. All proceeds will be donated to charity. Right now they plan to keep the Hive open for a month, but there might be opportunities for an extension and expansions in the future.

Whitney Wolfe, CEO and founder of Bumble, is using the app to promote positivity and empower women. Before coming up with the idea for Bumble, Wolfe was ousted from Tinder and ended up suing them for sexual harassment. This led her to create her own alternative dating app.

Whitney Wolfe has worked tirelessly to make her brand accessible and expand its purpose far beyond that of a typical dating app. It is thanks to her Bumble is regarded at the feminist dating app—Bumble is the first dating app of its kind that allows women to make the first move. Since women are the first to initiate contact, this revolutionary idea reduces the discomfort many women feel when using a typical dating app and instead promotes confidence and positivity.

How Whitney Wolfe Became a Dating App Pro

Whitney Wolfe is the inspiring entrepreneur that young female business majors cannot get enough of. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, and she has spent a large amount of her time building dating apps and giving people a new way to look at concept of dating online. She is a woman that believes in being an advocate for women when it comes to social media. She wanted to create the type of dating space where women will be the ones that were talking first, and she has done so in a very great way with her Bumble app.

Many people may say that this a new age platform that is going to really encouraging equality. She believes that men have always been the dominant ones with the dating after because most of them have been created by men. She wanted to be the first to make an attempt at creating a feminist dating app where the woman were in control. It would be much easier to socialize this way.

Women like the apps because it takes a lot of the pressure off of them when it comes to starting up a conversation for the first time. Whitney Wolfe knows that this was an innovative way two create an app that was different from anything else that was currently on the market. This would be the type of app that would put Whitney Wolfe on top.

Whitney Wolfe knew that her role at Bumble would be an important one because it would bring more women into the fold. She was able to hire her staff of women and get more details on what other women wanted. This has really served Whitney Wolfe well so far because she is making herself invaluable part of the technology and dating app industry.

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Kim Dao Shares her Morning Routine

In this video, Kim Dao highlights her morning routine from the time she wakes up until she heads out the door to start her day.Learn more :


Upon waking up, Kim Dao immediately checks her social media accounts, including Youtube and Instagram to reply to her fans. She encourages viewers to connect with her on her social media accounts.


She then hops out of bed and “makes” her bed by simply spreading the comforter over the bed. She then heads to the bathroom to brush her hair and wash her face with one of her favorite cleansers.


For breakfast, Kim Dao enjoys a cup of sweet coffee and eats a bowl of cornflakes with yogurt. Although she admits that this combination does not seem appetizing, she encourages her viewers to give it a try.


After breakfast, she starts her skin care routine which includes several products. These include, but are not limited to, a toner, a Vitamin C serum and a moisturizer. She then proceeds to do her makeup.


Kim Dao’s makeup routine is fairly simple and results in a natural look. She starts with a primer and then applies her foundation. She uses other products such as a natural powder, brown liquid eyeliner, mascara, blush and a lip tint.Learn more :


Kim Dao also follows a simple hair routine. She usually just brushes it and puts it in an up do.Learn more :


Once these tasks are complete, she puts on her clothing for the day, packs her bag and heads out the door to start her day.