Israel’s Asset, Daniel Taub.

Daniel Taub, international lawyer and writer is one of Israel’s great assets as the state becomes a more prevalent presence within the international community.


Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Mr. Taub was educated at University College, Oxford, University College, London and Harvard University. With his thorough education, and an extraordinary knowledge of international law, Mr. Taub moved to Israel, serving as a combat medic in the IDF and as a reserve officer in the law division. He practiced law briefly, joining the Israeli Foreign Ministry.


Inspired by the Madrid Peace Conference and hopeful for peace, Daniel Taub years spent in the Foreign ministry involved in peace negotiations within the Middle East. Mr. Taub’s extensive law knowledge and negotiation skills served him and the Israeli Foreign Ministry well through the Israel-Palestine peace talks, the culture of peace and the Israel-Syria peace negotiations, after which in 2011, he become the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom.


As the Israeli Ambassador, he helped establish new and friendlier trade agreements between the UK and Israel, doubling trade between the two countries and solidifying continual opportunities for both countries and increasing technological opportunities for Israel.


After leaving the Israeli Foreign Service, Daniel Taub joined the Yad Hanadiv, a foundation developed by the Rothschilds for the advancement of the Israeli state. Working as the Director of Strategy and planning, Mr Taub also devotes his time to writing. Addressing topics such as Israel and Middle East relations and international law, he uses charm and intelligence to bring awareness to Israel. His writing has also challenged Hasidic sect stereotypes with HeCatzer, an Israeli series, which he created and is still the primary script writer, and he has, with his book Parasha Diplomatit, melded the weekly Torah readings to current events, keeping his Orthodox Jewish faith in the forefront of his work. Learn more:


Daniel Taub, along with his wife, six children and one grandchild, currently reside in Jerusalem,

where Mr Taub keeps himself busy with his role at Yad Hanadiv and the continuing growth of the Israeli state and still finds time to write and lecture about international law, negotiations and challenging stereotypes and with his continued energy, hopes to be an asset for Israel for many years to come.




The Vision of Gregory Aziz

CEO of National Steel Car, and Chairman of National Industries Inc,  Gregory James Aziz, has been focused on building his empire in Hamilton, Ontario. Focused on the vision of what the company would do, Gregory J Aziz has been focused on becoming the largest and most revered railroad freight car company in the world. Taking pride in challenging himself and the company, this CEO is nothing short of inspiring and hard working. Raising the bar is one of the few qualities that you can still find in a large company. Boasting more than 100 years of experience as a whole, the company is the first-place customers go for their railcar needs.


Greg James Aziz seems to have it all in order with National Steel Car. Focusing on his true strengths has aided his company in its growth and notoriety. It has been said that the key to success is in fact finding your true purpose. It is also a dedication to core values that sets this company apart. Greg Aziz finds that dedication to these aspects of business is what builds trust with customers in an easier fashion, and it can be maintained. This is yet another reason why the company has grown so quickly in North America and is changing the way business is conducted around the country. Read More Information on this Page


National Steel Car desires to deliver the absolute best in the highest quality freight cars. No matter what the job, the deliveries should be on time, and listening to the needs of the customer are crucial for success. Additionally, the company is the only North American company to have an ISO for railcars. This is a huge accomplish for this industry, and the company won’t rest until they continue to grow and expand more. Hard work and excellence to serving others and their companies.


Building relationships is important to the James Aziz, and those who work with National Steel Car know that they can depend on their railcars and the support that they need. With more than 2,000 team members, National Steel Car is serving the country diligently and in good faith for on time delivery, every time.


The Excellency Of Gregory Aziz

Who is Gregory James Aziz?

Greg Aziz is best known for being the chief executive officer of National Steel Car. And National Steel Car is a nationally acclaimed railroad freight car manufacturer. Their business reaches most ends of North America and they have been recognized for their work for over a century. In fact, they are the only company in their field in North America that is certified ISO 9001:2008. And with Gregory J Aziz for a CEO, the Ontario-based company has grown exponentially over the years.


Greg James Aziz was born in Ontario in 1949.


And for education, he attended school at Western University and graduated with a degree in economics. This, of course, was after his time attending Ridley College. Aziz began working at Affiliated Foods in the year 1971 and he continued to work there for the next 16 years. While with the company, he helped expand their distribution to markets across North America and Europe. With Greg’s expert business tactics and education behind him, there was no obstacle he couldn’t overcome.


After Affiliated Foods, he worked in New York in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.


There, he worked a series of investment banking opportunities. Then, in 1994, he was able to purchase National Steel Car from the Dofasco company. Greg Aziz had big plans to transform this company into something that could do great things and be wonderfully successful through North America. Fortunately, he was able to make these plans reality. He quickly took steel car production at his company from 3,500 cars annually to over 12,000 cars in just a period of a few years. He also increased the company’s employment rates by a large percentage. Get Related Information Here.


Greg Aziz resides in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


And both Greg and the National Steel Car company are dedicated to the community around them. In the past, they have sponsored the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, and a number of charities in their area and local food drives and food drives. Greg and his wife also regularly sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


Veterans In Care: Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a leading independent care group that provides quality care to the elderly and specialist care for adults with physical or learning difficulties. Founded in 1985 with only a single care home, Sussex Healthcare has grown to 20 separate homes around Sussex.

From the beginning, Sussex Healthcare’s philosophy was to provide the highest standards of physical, emotional, spiritual, and social care that recognizes the needs of individuals, and that philosophy is obvious in the company’s growth throughout the years. Many of the facilities are built to serve specific purposes to better treat the needs of the residents, along with using the latest technology to enhance the quality of care provided.

Speaking of care, the services offered by Sussex Healthcare can be separate into four specialized categories, general care for its residents and then specialized programs that include dementia care, neurological care, and then services for people suffering from disabilities.

Within these four categories, there is a wide variety of services offered. The homes offer a varied and busy activities schedule, ensuring residents stay happy and fulfilled during their time there. There is also access to a wide variety of therapies, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy. For residents suffering from dementia, there are memory assistance programs, such as reminiscence sessions and designed locations to facilitate remembering. For residents that need neurological care, and Sussex Healthcare provides support for many conditions, there are in-house physiotherapists, and people to assist with that therapy, along with speech and language therapists. There is also access to alternative therapies, such as reflexology and aromatherapy. Finally, for residents with profound learning disabilities, there is access to person-centered specialist care that includes transition plans, to help clients transition from school to the home, along with 24 hour care, day care, and respite care.

Sussex Healthcare ensures quality of care by having highly trained staff and up-to-date facilities. This level of quality has earned them multiple accreditation awards throughout its history. These awards include a Health Quality Service accreditation, awarded in 2002, earning the Investors in People Standard in 2003, and in 2005, they received an ISO 9000:2000 accreditation. They are the only independent care home provider in the UK that has dual accreditation with both the Health Quality Service and ISO 9000:2000.

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Meet Dick DeVos; an Excellent Businessman and a Philanthropic Leader

For a longtime, I have seen developments in the education sector worldwide. Many key leaders and individuals have been on the front line to ensure that the education sector is reformed to enable students to meet their goals. Dick DeVos is one of the key players who have given much to the society to make it a better place for all. He is married to Betsy DeVos and together they have been actively advocating for education choice while sponsoring many students in their academic careers.



I know for one to reach a level to help others, one must have achieved a lot. Dick has achieved a lot in life and I think that is why he has been that active in the community. Dick graduated from Northwood University and he is a helicopter as well as a jet aircraft pilot. He started his career at Amway where he served in a variety of executive positions including the presidency. Dick’s capacity and potential were evident at the company. Under his leadership, Amway tripled its international sales and they opened new markets. Later He became the CEO and president of Orlando Magic after his family acquired the team. Currently, he is the president of Windquest Group.



Dick DeVos is a great philanthropic leader. He has started many community initiatives that target life improvement of less fortunate individuals. To assist underprivileged children in Michigan, Dick started Education Freedom Fund. This program offers scholarships to less fortunate children and it has offered more than 4000 scholarships. With the passion of flying jets and helicopters, Dick got an idea from his wife that he should do something about it. He founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy to offer educational programs in the aviation field.



Together with his wife, they formed Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. This organization donates funds to support religious, artistic, educational, free-market economic, community as well as civic organizations. This foundation has been instrumental and the DeVos have been in the front line to make sure that its funds are spent well. The foundation has supported Kids Hope USA, West Michigan Academy, Potters House, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, the Education Freedom Fund, Children First America and many others.



Dick and his wife have also been supporting the art industry. Through their foundation, they have supported a competition in Grand Rapids; ArtPrize. They also support the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management by committing $22.5 million. On top of that Dick DeVos has donated much to Action Institute, The Hudson Institute as well as the Heritage Foundation. His desire to help is unmatched and his philanthropic works are benefiting many individuals.


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